Issue 2 | October 2023: To mine a diamond or not?

To mine a diamond or not ?

Well, it’s a bit of a conundrum currently, because the diamond industry is very controlled and regulated. Companies that previously relied on exclusivity or monopoly are up in arms as their revenue tumbles.

This is due to various factors, but leaders in the industry mostly seems to blame the manufacturing of nature identical diamonds for their dwindling profits. The industry claims that nature identical manufactured diamonds are fake diamonds.

This of course is not true, because they have the exact same molecular structure as mined diamonds. Manufactured diamonds are ‘cloned ‘ from a ’seed ’of a donar diamond. Technology has replaced the formation of natural diamonds.

Advantages of manufactured diamonds outweighs mined diamonds when it comes to environmental impact, availability in size colour and clarity as well as cost.

Natural vs manufactured diamonds are only distinguishable via a few identifying test available in select laboratories. No digital device can accurately distinguish between them and often detects moissanites as diamonds.

(Moissanites are also manufactured and favoured for their refractive qualities.)

Information technology is responsible for changes in the behaviour of the consumer who no longer have to rely on a specific higher education or access to compendium of encyclopedia britannica to find factual and accurate information.

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