Issue 3 | November 2023: How to choose Jewellery that you can wear for a lifetime

How to choose jewellery that you can wear for a lifetime.

Like with most things in life we tend to complicate our choices by inviting the opinions of others or following mainstream trends.

The most valuable advice my late father gave me was never to rely on someones words only – always make sure you have checked all the facts.

The second most valuable piece of advice was to follow my instincts and not the crowd.

Looking at jewellery, we tend to think that we should opt for natural gemstones and precious metals like gold, silver and platinum only. We somehow have the perception that the longevity of jewellery are based on the inclusion of only natural gemstones, silver, gold and platinum.

When choosing a white metal, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten are perhaps far hardier options and ones I would rather opt for.

These metals will necessitate simpler designs as it is hard to work with and requires special equipment and skill.

When it comes to gemstones, I will always choose manufactured stones above mined gemstones, because it is far less expensive, easier to source colour, carat and clarity to specification and better for our soil and environment.

By all means, choose that stainless steel or titanium jewellery piece because it will outlast many gold and silver jewellery pieces and it is hypoallergenic to boot.

When you are choosing stones, ensure that it is hard enough for it’s use in the particular setting it is sourced for.

Simpler designs with clean lines will ensure less maintenance as the piece ages.

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