Issue 4 | January 2024: New Year’s Message

New Year’s Message

We would like to start 2024 by wishing all our followers and customers a very happy, blessed and prosperous
year. As always, we are bringing you more fantastic
jewellery pieces to celebrate life, its milestones and
special occasions. Gifting a special person with a token
of appreciation and gratitude will be easily affordable
at SJD.

About our brand: Smart Jewellery Deals

Smart Jewellery Deals or SJD does not refer to digital watches, rings, tags, bracelets and pendants.

We cater for smart consumers and our market segment serves smart consumerism.

We believe that there is a market for jewellery without excessive inflated price tags. We have researched alternatives to big ticket jewellery offerings and narrowed down best value items.

We are able to bring beautiful crafted jewellery to our smart customers at affordable prices, because we are informed. We make it our business to evaluate every aspect in the lifecycle of our products that determines the actual cost. By applying our unique matrix- best value at every level of the supply chain is chosen for catalogued items.

We have taken time to compare trending products and
hope to bring you even more special and unique
pieces this year. We will update you as we bring in
exclusive pieces to our brand.

SJD has been listed as a fast fashion jewellery brand
by TRACXN ranking 43rd on their list with 34 active
competitors of which SHEIN is ranking at number
one. (*Per illustration the above items spotted on
Shein’s website.)

SJD is not funded and therefore making decisions is
based on holistic considerations. There are plenty
challenges in this market segment, but we are hoping
to become a serious contender moving forward.

There are so many online jewellery stores popping
up everywhere selling similar or the same jewellery
pieces. This will inevitably lead to mass discounting.

We do not want to be fast – we want to add value to
your jewellery collection. SJD will therefore
endeavour to curate pieces made up of stainless
steel, silver or vermeil findings, lab created
gemstones, real quartz or agate and Swarovski
crystals only.

Smart Jewellery Deals


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