Issue 1 | September 2023: Lab grown vs real diamonds



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Lab grown vs real diamonds

There are no elemental differences between mined and lab grown diamonds. They too come in various colours, clarity, cuts and carats and the difference between mined and lab grown diamonds are nil.

In short, it is impossible to distinguish a lab grown diamond from a mined diamond without testing it in a laboratory. Depending on the manufacturing processes it is very possible for a lab grown diamond to pass as a real diamond and vice versa.

What is a lab grown diamond ?

There are two manufacturing methods available in the market, namely : HPHT( high pressure, high heat) and CVD( chemical vapor deposition). A seed comprised of pure carbon, where the crystalline structure has already formed, are placed in a vacuum under special laboratory conditions so that the carbon molecules can assimilate to the diamond seed. (Similar to3D printing.) CVD manufacturing uses gas fapour to mimic growth conditions and HPHT uses high heat and pressure to mimic the same conditions. In some instances both methods are used in combination – CVD followed by HPHT.

Advantages of lab created diamonds

It is environmentally more friendly than traditional mining processes and does not cause soil erosion or contamination of water tables, rivers and dams.

Manufacturing opens up more design possibilities as the 4 C’s can be predetermined.

Lab grown diamonds are at least 50 % cheaper than mined diamonds. Mining is a very expensive process.

Interesting fact

Most gemstones available in the market today are manufactured or lab grown.

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